Mission Statement

Irrational Politics seeks to provide a forum for real political discourse and discussion among an engaged electorate.  We seek to share informed and insightful information that increases dialogue from both left and right leaning people, with no partisan agenda.  We believe real progress is made when people apply critical thinking and challenge their underlying beliefs and assumptions.  This will help us compromise, understand each other, and move society forward.

Why Create Irrational Politics?

Following the 2016 election cycle, We took some time reflect on the state political discourse in this country and we were quite troubled.

A couple of glaring things stood out to us:

1) The lack of discussion of actual issues
2) Increased partisanship and echo chambers
3) The spread of misinformation and bad journalism
4) Limited critical thinking and nuanced viewpoints

As action oriented people, we could not sit on the sidelines and watch helplessly anymore.  We decided to collaborate and create Irrational Politics to try to address some of the issues mentioned above.

The goal of Irrational Politics is to present relevant, non partisan, nuanced, and informative content on a variety of topics ranging from politics, business, and media. While you may not agree with all the content posted on the site, our hope is you learn something new or gain a different perspective you never considered before.

If you found something of value from the site, please share with friends and like our facebook page.  The more people we can get informed the better our democracy will be.

Thanks for your support and engagement!

The IP Team